Autumn - Winter at Mr Collins

Published: Saturday 9 July 2022

Autumn / Winter are two of the best seasons for flowers and botanical material. We’re vibing cool climate Hellebores (or aka Winter Roses), Tulips, Jonquils and budding Magnolia are favourites at this time of the year. We’re also loving Cymbidium orchids and Ornamental Kale and sweet smelling Stocks sourced from our growers in Torquay (just watch changing of the water on the Stocks and Kale… water not-so-sweet-smelling…)

We love the architectural style of budding Magnolia for distinctive lines in designs.

Protea and natives are abundant too - making this the perfect time to adorn your home with the outdoors when gardens are looking bleak.

In their prime are Pink Ice, Cream Mink and Susara proteas and Eucalyptus gum foliage or leucadendons in colours ranging from lime green to dusty pinks to claret red. We source these from a local farm in Gnarwarre so we are supporting local business and reducing our carbon footprint. Win/Win!

Did you know that Australia imports a lot of natives from overseas? We’re all for sustainable floristry at Mr Collins and prefer locally sourced product where possible.

These are such long lasting blooms which dry out lasting several months (maybe faded, but still fabulous!)

Mid Winter sees Ranunculus and Anemone return along with Iceland Poppies again sourced from our growers in Torquay (who would have thought these delicate flowers would thrive in Winter?)

In the plant world, Cyclamen are in full bloom during Winter / Spring and beyond but going dormant (*dying down) in Summer as they do not cope well with heat. (Divas) Peace Lilys are thriving too and for foliage Rubber Plants are en pointe right now.

That’s the update for Autumn - Winter for now.

Stay warm and safe.

Mr C x