Caring for Terrariums

Published: Sunday 27 October 2019

Terrariums are on trend once again and bring the outdoors inside, providing a miniature ‘garden’ for the green thumb or not-so-green-thumb to care for. At least Covid was good for something….

Here are some tips to keep your plants looking fresh and healthy.

  • Do not over-water. I cannot say this enough. Do NOT over-water (see?) Most plants are provided with ample drainage in the outdoors so that they do not sit in water. We help by planting our terrariums in layers so that the plants’ roots are not sitting directly in water. We start with a layer of bedrock so that it elevates the soil and moss layers from sitting in any excess water in your terrarium (you’re welcome.)

  • Next, we plant with charcoal combined into the soil mix so that it will draw up any excess water before the next watering is done.

  • Spray the moss and top of soil with fine water mist between your waterings so that the moss stays green and healthy and the plants will enjoy the shower too. Avoid directly spraying Violet plants or succulents as they don’t love to shower like the other plants do.

  • Water once every 7 days during the colder months - we recommend a small glass full for a small - medium size terrarium and a larger glass for the large terrariums.

  • Water twice weekly in warmer months or if you have the terrarium in a very warm room. You can see if you are over-watering when there is a lot of water pooling in the base of the terrarium. If this occurs, simply pull back on your watering as this will give the charcoal time to draw the water up into the soil.

  • You can cover the top of your terrarium with a glass plate which will create its own little eco-system where you will not need to water anywhere near as much, but just watch the base of the terrarium to ensure it is not drying out too much. If so, continue with a watering regime.

  • If you place a cover over the terrarium, be sure to water less frequently/smaller amounts as it will create its own moisture.

  • Feed your plants every month or so with some liquid fertiliser added to your water.

  • Prune off any dry/brown/yellowing leaves so that they do not take the goodness from the plant.

We offer a replanting service if you manage to let one of your plants die - whether it be from not enough or too much love. This service costs around $20 per plant.

Enjoy your mini garden and remember - plants are life!