Ho Ho Ho Christmas is coming

Published: Friday 8 December 2017

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Who would have thought that Christmas is only a matter of weeks away?

Today I want to discuss the history of the door wreath and where the tradition began....

Some people believe that the tradition started back in Ancient Rome to represent victory to anyone that found themselves upon your doorstep. 

The original door wreaths were constructed using evergreen foliage as they would last and be readily available in the northern hemisphere, but the southern hemisphere is of course, much warmer and that is when adaptations of the fresh wreaths were introduced. With progress (or not) imitation wreaths were designed for warmer climates so that people could enjoy them on their entrance doors to welcome guests, for a longer period of time, than the fresh foliage ones.

However, with all things being a cycle of fashion, or circle... as in a wreath... the fresh ones have made a definite comeback with the introduction of new materials for the wreath bases to ensure longer life for the horticultural materials. 

The Christmas door wreaths that we make at Mr Collins Florist are constructed on wet floral foam bases so that you can water the design regularly to make the most of your stunning welcome wreath. We include mixed foliages and berries, succulents, pinecones and interesting textures in horticultural materials. We can also include baubles to add a touch of Christmas sparkle if you wish.

The wreath symbolises eternal life, as the circular shape has no beginning and no end. It's the most wonderful way to welcome guests into your home to celebrate this special time of the year.

Happy Chirstmas to you all!