Lily Pollen and How to Deal With Stains

Published: Wednesday 12 June 2019

We have all had the pleasure of receiving a gorgeous bouquet of lilies only to have the experience ruined by the pollen staining our face, our clothes and our furniture or carpet.

Do not fear, Mr Collins is here to save the day with the following tips for the removal of lily pollen (you’re welcome!)

There are certain flower varieties, such as lilies, which may stain your skin, fabric and surfaces, because of the pollen on their stamens. The stamens can easily drop off onto your clothing, face, fabric or any other number of precious surfaces that you would prefer to not have an orange glow to right?

A simple way to prevent getting pollen on your clothes is to remove the anthers (these are the tips of the stamens) as soon as you cut or purchase the flowers. By removing the anthers with every bud that opens, you will avoid the pollen maturing and forming a dust that will drop onto the surface where your flowers are positioned.

You can also cut off the stamens - but I think this tends to make the flowers look unnatural and prefer to at least keep the stamens if removing the anthers. Another form of removal is by using a tissue in your hand; minimising the stain on your fingertips too.

Here are some tips for the removal of pollen if you should you encounter the problem: (or like me, you like to keep the stamens on the flowers)

  • Do not brush or rub with your hand. Your skin contains oils that will help attach the pollen to the fibres: let the pollen dry and remove it with a soft brush.

  • A makeup (blush) brush is perfect for gently removing the pollen from lily petals and from clothes. Simply brush very gently across the area where the pollen has landed.

  • Use a piece of adhesive tape wrapped sticky-side up around your hand and gently dab this onto the pollen. The pollen will adhere to the adhesive tape and and can then be discarded.

  • In the case of carpet stain or clothing; use a vacuum cleaner to remove the pollen from the affected area.

  • If some pollen stains are stubborn, hang the garment in the sun. The stain and the pollen in it will dry up and can then be removed by one of the above mentioned methods.

If all else fails, come on in to Mr Collins Florist, 154 Pakington Street, Geelong West and we will show you how to care for your Lilies in person.