Tulip Care

Published: Wednesday 11 March 2020

Caring for your Tulips at Home 

Tulips are a gorgeous blooms coming into their peak season starting in Autumn, blooming all the way through until late Spring. Grab a bunch or two and watch them open and close, bend and curl in your vase at home.

Here are some tips to help you get the longest life out of your Tulips:

  • Tulips are one flower that continue to grow once picked. They can grow 5 to 10 centimetres in the vase, so allow for this when choosing the vessel that you will display.

  • Fill your vase 1/3 to half full with clean tap water and add flower preservative if available.

  • Remove any leaves from the stems that will sit below the water line

  • Re-cut the tulip stems by a few centimetres on an angle to encourage water uptake.

  • Choose a cool, draft-free position for your tulips.

  • Do not place your tulips near fruit as this will age the blooms more quickly.

  • Check the water level regularly as tulips are thirsty blooms. Change the water every day or two and re-cut the stems every few days to encourage fresh uptake of the water.

  • If your tulips droop, wrap them in newspaper or thick wrapping paper and let them drink in cool water for a couple of hours. They will become straight again with upright stems.

  • Tulips follow light, so their stems will naturally bend and twist toward light sources.

  • As tulips age, their stems grow and they will naturally bend and droop, making an interesting change in your arrangement. Think of this as a developing piece of art, rather than a flaw.

Image courtesy Flower Council Holland