Valentine's Day 2017

Published: Sunday 5 February 2017

What a wonderful way to show your love and devotion to the special person in your life. Beautiful red Roses, or maybe a stunning array of vibrant Sunflowers is more your thing? Or perhaps a bouquet of vibrant mixed blooms is the way you prefer to say I Love You to your significant other?

Why do we need a day to show this love and affection you ask? Read on....

St Valentine's Day has been celebrated since the year 270 when a martyr priest, Valentinus, was put to death by a repressive Roman emperor Claudius II. 

Claudius II wanted to amass the biggest army and he soon learned that married men did not wish to fight his wars. So that he could enlist single men to fight his battles, Claudius banned marriages so that single men would instead join his army. Emperor Claudius II threw Valentinus in prison for continuing to marry couples. Many couples travelled to the jail to visit him, throwing flowers and notes up to his cell bars. They wanted him to know that they too believed in love. 

One young person to visit many times was the daughter of a prison guard and on the eve of his execution, Valentinus left a note signed, "Love from your Valentine".

Today, millions of people around the world send flowers, notes or cards to celebrate their lov