Proud Plant Mum Lush Leaf Kit

Proud Plant Mum Lush Leaf Kit
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This is the PERFECT planty present; whether you are impressing a seasoned gardener, or helping a budding green thumb improve their plant game. This limited edition taster size treatment contains Protect Spray with Neem, to keep leaves shiny and free from light-blocking dust and toxins. It's combined with the adjustable microfibre Leaf Cleaning Glove to effortlessly remove pests and build up.

Protect Spray with Neem (250ml):Amplifies the power of neem oil with Australian-inspired ingredients, like lemon myrtle, to shine and protect. Doesn't stink like other neem based sprays! Adjustable Leaf Cleaning Glove in Adorable Pink:This machine-washable and adjustable glove cleans leaves and removes pests in a fraction of the time. Works for both left handed and right handed. Limited edition pink colour.